Today's business tools are made by and for office types 👨💼. They fit the tradesman 🔨 and the manual labourer 🔧 like an old suit. 😆

A new type of business tool is needed that can be operated by anyone, in any setting.No training needed!!

Introducing BASICS App.

The Original App 🚀

Updated for 🔨 & 🔧.

Log values & take notes, create quick calculations, and instantly export stamped images for sharing by text message, etc.BASICS is a new kind of calculator that keeps it classic.No fluff. No nonsense.


  • Name & Save Entries to Your Phone, Full Privacy

  • Prepare & Share Calculations as Stamped Images

  • No Account or Sign Up Required Ever

It's long days for the leader.

Tell clear stories, make more money.

  • Professional Looking Records

  • Less Back & Forths

  • Improved Accounting

Tools for Business Leaders

What's London Street?

We create software & hardware for leaders of small teams. Our products are designed to meet the needs of people who work with 🔨, 🔧 & 👐.Goodbye Valley. Hello working world!


  • Building BASICS App

  • Studying Small Teams

  • Promoting Leadership

Business is all about the numbers.

With BASICS, you can be too.

We're building legendary products that create lasting change and improve business ecosystems.We're seeking individuals passionate about business excellence, local leadership and access to education.Visit our site to subscribe to regular product updates.

BASICS App is built by London Street Company Inc.